Ordering Information

A few reminders before you place your order:

1. Email is best! To place your order, just reply to this email. Ideally, please send your order no later than 3pm the day prior to the delivery day.

2.  When ordering a LIMITED EDITION or SEASONAL item, please let us know if substitute flavors are acceptable.

3. Please note the special instructions for ordering kraut juice and water kefir sodas.

4. Our delivery schedule is posted above. Please be sure to order accordingly so that you do not run out of stock in between deliveries.

5. Please email or call with questions, special orders, or if placing large quantity orders.

6. Please read our F.A.Q. page here for answers to most commonly asked customer questions


Farmstead Ferments CANNOT be responsible for taking back “expired” products so please be sure to order only what your business you can turn over. Krauts, Kraut Juices and Pickles have a 6 month "Best By" date. Water Kefir Sodas have a 2-3 week "Best By" date. Thus, it is more effective to place smaller orders (or whatever your turnover dictates) more frequently so as to prevent expired products on your shelves. 

Current Delivery Areas

D.C./Inner Loop Area

Richmond Area

Lynchburg Area
NOVA/northern Piedmont Area

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