About our ferments

Farmstead Ferments are raw, naturally-fermented foods and Beverages made by hand in small batches and featuring sustainably-grown, fresh ingredients procured from our farm and other local Virginia farmers.

They are full of life and love. The zesty and pungent taste of fermented foods is the perfect complement to any meal or as a stand-alone snack. We like to pair them with meats and fish, stuff them into sandwiches, dollop them onto rice or potatoes, stir them into soups and – most especially – enjoy them on top of a leafy green salad (skip the dressing)!  The foods we make taste good alongside every meal- as a condiment or as an ingredient incorporated into a dish.

Putting food by after the harvest is a time-honored tradition that allows us to enjoy the flavors of season’s past and fermentation is the best way to preserve these foods while enhancing both nutritional content and flavor. We hope you enjoy the fruits – and the vegetables – of our labor (of love).

Since Farmstead Ferments are always raw and never pasteurized, these wholesome, nutritious and delicious foods are absolutely loaded with life force and teeming with wonderful things like electrolytes, enzymes, and probiotics.

Our fermented creations catalyze the processes necessary for digestion and assimilation while restoring and increasing the beneficial bacteria of the gut.

Fermented foods are also known for their high nutrient content, especially vitamin C, and are proven to be anti-carcinogenic. All of this adds up to better digestion, increased immunity, enhanced energy levels and improved well-being.